The M-Bus system

Instantaneous control, flexible reaction

All meters connected to the symphonic M-bus system can be read centrally: either directly on the spot or by data transfer to an external central control. This improves the quality of life for your tenants, and enables you to monitor the energy balance of the building more flexible.

Many devices - one system

The heat meter

sensonic II mbus is the electronic heat meter for recording individual heat consumption. It excels through its compact, attractive design, the latest electronics and variable installation possibilities.

The modular hot and cold water meter

istameter mbus or domaqua mbus offer property managers and planners all the advantages of a modular water meter: accurate metering, easy-to-use and limitless diversity thanks to the modular concept.

The pulse module

The pulse module, pulsonic II mbus, is used to integrate into the M-Bus system electricity and gas meters as well as meters with a contact output but without their own M-Bus interface. It records and stores the consumption figures on the selected billing cut-off date.

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Level Converter LC 250

In order to read all devices integrated in the M bus network comfortably and clearly on a PC or laptop, the Level Converter LC 250 provides the required operating voltage and controls the data transfer between the reading software and the consumption metering devices.

sensonic® II calculator

The sensonic® II calculator can be combined with different contact water meters and temperature sensors in two different lengths for sensonic II modular (mechanical BTU meters). The sensonic® II calculator is available in three different versions with the impulse values 1/25/250 litres per impulse. With the sensonic® II calculator Tx version, the impulse valency can be set once variably with a handheld programming device.

pulsonic® II mbus

The pulsonic® II mbus permits the integration of conventional equipment with contact outputs to mbus networks. The device is simply connected to a meter with a contact output; it stores the measured values and transfers the data to the level converter. The connection can be via an SO interface to DIN 43864. So it is also possible to integrate equipment which has already been installed in the M-Bus system. This equipment can be conventional ista meters but also equipment of other companies, such as gas, oil and electricity meters.

M-bus Switcher

The bus switcher is a bus multiplexor; up to 250 terminal devices can be connected to each of the eight channels. The M-bus switcher permits the reading of up to 2000 meters via a level converter, as well as remote meter-reading via a modem. A maximum of 250 meters can be integrated in a conventional M-Bus system. Installation in larger properties, e.g. commercial premises, with more than 250 meters generally involves the installation of several level converters or several modems for remote meter-reading.

Reading Software M-bus VIEW

The clearly structured software M-bus VIEW is used for reading and data management of M-bus systems on a PC or laptop. All properties and device-specific values can be managed without any problems. All consumption data can be presented on html pages suitable for the Internet. The M-bus VIEW software can be operated in various languages.

Your advantages

  • Connection of up to 2,000 consumption recording devices possible
  • Use of commercially available electric materials
  • Simple installation
  • M-Bus cable protected against reverse polarity
  • Various line topologies (star, tree and linear structures)
  • Benefits of central wired readout with symphonic mbus
  • Frequent and fast meter reading possible (electronic data can be directly put to other uses)
  • No problems gaining access to homes as the users do not have to be disturbed (advance notice unnecessary)
  • Avoidance of meter reading errors guarantees high reliability