Radio system

Simple, reliable and convenient billing of consumption data

With our radio technology, we offer you maximum convenience and flexibility in the consumption-dependent billing of heat and water. All the data from heat cost allocators, heat and water meters or smoke alarm devices are transmitted by radio and so apartments no longer have to be entered.

Our radio modules for easy integration of your devices

Communication unit

The memonic communication unit is the core of our symphonic sensor net radio system and is therefore the interface between the radio devices and the mobile radio Network.

Radio module for gas, electricity and water meters

The radio module, pulsonic 3 radio net, is fitted with a transmitter enabling the integration of conventional devices with a contact output into our radio system. The pulsonic 3 radio net is simply connected to a metering device with a contact output, it stores the values measured and performs radio transmission. This may be a conventional device from ista or other devices such as gas, oil and electricity meters.

The advantages

  • The pulsonic 3 radio net stores 14 month-end figures as well as 2 cut-off-date figures, thus permitting monthly registration of consumption values for non-electronic metering devices with a roller-type counter, e.g. gas, electricity or house water meters with a potential-free contact output or an S0 interface.
  • Integrating gas, electricity or house water meters into the symphonic sensor net radio system forms the basis for gaining an overall view of the energy efficiency of a property.
  • pulsonic 3 radio net also integrates these metering devices in a simple and uncomplicated manner, closing the last gap in full consumption data transparency.
Radio module for heat meters

Equipped with a Transmitter, the Radio module, optosonic 3 radio net, permits the integration of conventional sensonic II heat meters into the radio System. The optosonic 3 radio net is simply connected to the optical interface of the sensonic II, it stores the values measured and performs radio transmission. Heat meters already installed can therefore also be easily integrated into the radio system.

Your advantages:

  • Thanks to the optosonic 3 radio net module, the sensonic II is upgraded to the highest level of billing convenience. 
  • The device is integrated in a simple and uncomplicated manner into the symphonic sensor net radio system by means of the optical interface.
  • The modular design of the sensonic II and optosonic 3 radio net permits the heat meters to be positioned at any location desired. What was yesterday an almost insurmountable barrier, installation in distribution boxes or behind inspection flaps, is no longer a problem with the optosonic 3 radio net. The radio communication module is simply installed outside the "radio barrier".


Radio module for electricity meters

The radio module for smart meters (electricity meters) is used to integrate the electricity meter EasyMeter BNA 21 Q3B and the Hager EH363WA into the symphonic sensor net radio system. The powersonic 3 radio net reads the electricity meter at its optical interface (MSB interface) and transmits the data via an installed radio Interface.


The repeater serves as a radio bridge in the symphonic sensor net radio system. It is integrated into the radio network and passes on the radio signals of other end devices. It therefore becomes possible to integrate devices into the radio network which could previously not be reached, e.g. owing to the excessively large distance to neighbouring end devices.