As a digital pioneer and driver of innovation, we are actively helping shape the change to a sustainable world. The commitment and expertise of our employees are key factors for our success. To strengthen team spirit and provide our employees with the best possible support, we offer them excellent development and career opportunities and support them with individual coaching and training programmes. We use innovative methods and enable our employees to work flexibly and remotely. The basis for a working relationship founded on trust is our corporate culture of diversity, respect and appreciation.

Our Goal

We create the best conditions – for personal development and productivity

We want to make it easier for our employees to reach their full potential and deliver top performance. Therefore, we make sure we provide a working environment that is safe and promotes productivity.

We want to further improve the general conditions for employee engagement and so maintain our engagement score at the very high level of 80 in the period through to 2030.


We believe in diversity – for creativity and innovation

Diversity makes a key contribution to the success of ista. It opens up new perspectives for us, promotes creativity and innovation – and enables us to find new, smart solutions, make processes simpler and better understand the customers' needs. Together we find more efficient, simpler ways to a sustainable future.

  • We have created a forum to promote diversity at ista.
  • We have established a women's network for female employees to exchange views and support each other.

Collaboration and Leadership

We try out new forms of cooperation – for agile collaboration

The world is constantly changing – and we at ista are also changing. To further improve our work processes, we use new forms of collaboration and leadership:

  • We are increasingly using agile approaches to work such as design sprints. This is an innovative method of working with a pre-defined process where a team has to develop ideas in a short, limited period of time.
  • We are working more and more often in cross-functional teams where employees from different functional areas develop and implement customer solutions together.
  • A team of agile coaches is helping a growing number of teams in all departments to use agile methods such as SCRUM or Kanban
  • We are establishing new forms of cross-team, digital collaboration between managers.
  • We are creating new forms of digital view-sharing.

Apprenticeships and futher training

We offer apprenticeships and support – for the personal development of our employees

We invest in our employees with apprenticeships, training courses, coaching and talent programmes so they can reach their full potential – analogly and digitally:

  • With graduate trainee programmes and dual study opportunities, we promote young talent.
  • With staff appraisal interviews, we make it easy for our employees to give feedback.
  • With digital training offerings, we provide flexible further training options.
  • With coaching, we give our employees tailored support.
  • With digital recruiting, we offer more flexible processes.
  • With digital welcome weeks, we welcome new employees.
  • With a Germany-wide common helpdesk platform for IT issues, we make processes easier and simpler.
  • With "Ask the employee", a forum for employees, we increase knowledge transfer and view-sharing within the teams in Poland.
  • With "Workday", a human capital management tool, we offer our employees the opportunity to manage their data themselves and, for example, to ask for a reference.


We invest in occupational health and safety for the well -being of our employees

We protect and promote the health and safety of our employees – in the company and at their remote workplaces.

  • In March 2020, we set up a internal team of experts that continuously monitored developments during the Covid-19 pandemic and took appropriate preventive action for the employees.  We regularly inform our employees about the protective measures in place. We also provide protective masks, rapid tests and various hygiene articles to protect them from a Covid-19 infection and we make use of remote working, wherever possible.
  • We promote health protection during digital work.
  • We ensure fire protection and first aid at our sites.
  • We update our risk assessments regularly.
  • We provide comprehensive insurance cover for our employees on business trips.


We are there for our employees – for answers to pressing questions

At ista, the Corporate Human Resources department is the Group-wide central contact for all questions concerning employees. Corporate Health & Safety is responsible for company health management. It is supported in this work by the co-determination bodies.

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