In a discussion with their employees’ children the CEOs, Thomas Zinnöcker and Dr Hagen Lessing, answer questions about their own personal and the company’s contribution to climate protection: how will ista deal with business trips in the future? And how can each individual lead by example?

When it comes to sustainability, ista would like to lead by example: on the one hand, its products help people to live more sustainably by making individual consumption transparent. On the other hand, practical tips and tricks help to save energy in the home.

But the company itself is also increasingly looking for savings potential. "That's good!" say the ista employees' children. But they also ask how the company and they themselves can become even better at sustainability. They grill the CEOs, Thomas Zinnöcker and Dr Hagen Lessing, in the video interview: Can any more be done for our future? A challenge which Zinnöcker and Lessing gladly accept.


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We already operate CO2-neutral and intend to become carbon-free (net zero) by 2030.

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