• Solutions for transparency – from apartment buildings and commercial properties to companies in the Formula 1 industry
  • Employees do more than 5,000 hours of community service
  • Net-zero CO₂ emissions by 2030 planned

Essen, 26 June 2024. The products and services of the Essen-based real estate service provider give property owners and residents transparency over their heating consumption so they can reduce their own carbon footprint. Compared with 2018, the average CO2 saving per rental unit in properties with heating cost billing was 8.55% in 2022. Remote-readable meters are key as a basis for the monthly consumption information that ista already provides for some two million households. In the 2023 reporting year, more than half of ista’s fleet of 364 vehicles was already hybrid or fully electric. The entire fleet is to be electric by the end of 2028.

“The EU’s ambitious climate goals can only be achieved if the heating transition in the buildings sector is a success. However, if people are to actively change something, they first have to know where they stand. Creating this clarity is the common denominator in all our activities, services and products and is also the prerequisite for our own road to climate neutrality by 2030,” says Hagen Lessing, ista’s CEO.

Greater clarity for property owners and managers

In 2023, ista launched the ESG Manager, a solution which in a very short time already gives 60 companies with more than 7,000 properties clear information on their consumption, emissions and costs – both for individual properties and their entire portfolio. From July 2024, when the CSRD Directive is transposed into national law, ESG will become mandatory for many companies, meaning they will have to make additional disclosures including the carbon intensity of their property portfolio.

The MinuteView solution is designed for owners and managers of commercial properties. It collects all energy data and organises them in a dashboard, allowing potential savings to be quickly identified. This has led to savings of 15% in some cases. Moreover, MinuteView is also optimally linked into ista’s third-party meter operations. One recent example is Formula 1 companies: from third-party meter operation and granular data collection to energy procurement, since 2023 ista has been providing various racing teams with all the data needed for carbon reporting.

Following the acquisition of the Spanish service provider Wintel/Habidat in 2023, ista now also offers building owners a smart heating system control service. This allows savings of up to 30% to be achieved even with older heating systems. The heating energy is actively and automatically regulated and adjusted to the actual demand of the building. A total of 150 devices of the multi-award-winning solution are currently installed in Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Record number of corporate volunteers

Social aspects of sustainability were also a focus in 2023. ista employees are given the opportunity to do something for society through corporate volunteering. The target of 5,000 hours a year was exceeded in 2023: ista employees worked a total of 5,156 hours for social and ecological causes. For example, on the Corporate Volunteering Day in Essen, employees worked hard collecting litter and they also rolled up their sleeves in France and Poland, for example in an emergency shelter for the homeless and at a recycling centre. The “ista in school” programme again ran throughout the year, with employees giving lessons in schools and informing kindergarten and school kids interactively about energy consumption.

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he image features a blue background with bold white and green text. The main text reads "5.156 hours worked" in large, white font. Below, it continues in smaller white text with "by our employees for" and highlights the words "society" and "climate protection" in green. In the bottom right corner, the logo "ista" is displayed in white and green. This image is likely used to showcase the company's contribution to society and climate protection through volunteer work by its employees.

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