Our Technology

Our advanced technological infrastructure is the foundation we build on. We search for ideas that further strengthen our core business. We see the future of our success in the Internet of Things (IoT). Very soon billions of devices will talk directly to each other. This communication will largely take place in and around buildings. With our digital infrastructure, we are in an excellent position to support property owners and residents with smart and intelligent solutions. Today, we already have 400,000 gateways in use for our customers that link over 25 million connected devices to each other.

Let’s optimise processes and services.

We believe that an open digital platform approach will help to make life easier for our customers and their tenants. In the near future we will be able to connect a wide-range of different IoT-based use cases and solutions based on our infrastructure. Thereby, processes and services related to the buildings will be optimised to the advantage of all stakeholders.

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