With effect from 1 September 2022, ista Deutschland GmbH and ista International GmbH became ista SE. With this conversion into a Societas Europaea (SE), ista has chosen a legal form that is recognised beyond the borders of Europe, and is thus underlining its international focus.

“No other company in our branch of industry is a leader in so many markets – every day, 6,000 ista employees serve the needs of our customers in 22 countries, primarily in Europe. As ista SE, we are not only reflecting our success in Europe and far beyond in recent years, but also reinforcing our strategy of international growth, also in the future. The focus here is in particular on developing and expanding digital services for our customers,” says ista CEO Hagen Lessing.

Now that the conversion processes have been completed, ista SE is the universal successor of ista Deutschland GmbH and ista International GmbH and has therefore taken over all contractual rights and obligations of these two companies in full. Consequently, there will be no changes to current contracts and the provisions contained therein.

The Management Board of ista SE is made up of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Hagen Lessing, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Thomas Lemper and the Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Oliver Schlodder. In the newly created cross-market function of CSO, he will play a key role in driving forward the implementation of the company’s international growth strategy while also continuing to develop the Focus Markets and Commercial & Industrial divisions that he was already responsible for. The previous CFO of ista Deutschland GmbH, Dr Dieter Hackenberg, has taken over the office of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ista SE.

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