Take part by July 15, 2020 and win one of four prizes!

Our Progress Report celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The fact that we have been able to continually reduce our CO2 emissions over all those years is due in particular to our employees, who lead by example and so protect the environment and climate.

The digital paper chase gives you an entertaining insight into our sustainability activities and leaves it up to you whether you would like to take a small detour to learn more about the exciting employee and company stories.


How does the virtual paper chase work?

  • On this page, you will find a total of seven brainteasers. 
  • Each brainteaser consists of a question and two possible answers which are linked to solution letters that together spell the solution word. 
  • Every brainteaser comes with a brief description that gives a tip for the right answer to the question.
  • At the end of the page, you will find a dialog box . As soon as you have the solution word, you can enter it there and take part in the competition. The judges' decision is final.
  • The digital paper chase ends on July 15, 2020. The winner will be notified by e-mail.
  • There are a total of four prizes to choose from. After notification, the winner can choose one.

What can you win?

Bamboo Bicycle

Caycling for the environment? With the bicycle donated by ista, this becomes a statement. Together with a social project in Ghana, my-Boo.de is building unique bicycles by hand from bamboo.

Consulting on heating and energy

Living comfortably and saving heating costs and energy at the same time? ista makes your home energy efficient and replaces the biggest energy guzzler, e.g. the refrigerator or washing machine.

Urban Gardening

Harvesting vegetables or sprouting flowers in the city? It's possible: ista takes care of the rent for an urban gardening plot for one year and the appropriate gardening tools are provided directly.

Short holiday close to nature

A comfortable overnight stay in the midst of nature? ista invites you to spend relaxing days - in the treetops of a tree-house hotel, at a comfortable glamping or any other place of well-being in the midst of nature.

Here we go with the virtual paper chase:

Brainteaser 1: Under what motto is leadership culture at ista being developed?
  • Answer A: Change starts with me (C)
  • Answer B: Leading by example (U)

Tip: In the chapter "Employees" of our Progress Report, we reported about the Future Factory 2020 – great photos were taken there.

Brainteaser 2: What does "leading by example“ mean for our customer service technician Werner Döker?
  • Antwort A: „Start with yourself and lead by example – because it is up to each one of us." (MW)
  • Antwort B: "Walk the world with care - for small changes make a difference.“ (LI)

Tip: For our Progress Report, we asked employees what "leading by example" means for them. Werner Döker answered in the chapter "Partners".

Brainteaser 3: How many articles with tips and tricks on saving energy have we already published in our international Content World?
  • Antwort A: 7 (EL)
  • Antwort B: 13 (M)

Tip: A quick check using the filter function in our Content World can help you.

Brainteaser 4: When you want the temperature in the room to be 24 degrees, what number should you set on the classic graduated scale of the thermostat?
  • Antwort A: 4 (AT)
  • Antwort B: 3,5 (T)

Tip: Use the same filter that you used to find the previous answer. One of our articles giving advice on saving energy can definitely help you.

Brainteaser 5: What did the logo for our charity concert look like?
Pionista orange

Antwort A: blue and green version (E)

Antwort B: blue and orange version (SCH)

Tip: You can also find the logo on the title photo of our LinkedIn company profile – which can also be accessed even without a LinkedIn account.

Brainteaser 6: ista creates opportunities for its employees to invest a total of ???? hours a year in promoting climate protection in society.
  • Antwort A: 3.000 (U)
  • Antwort B: 5.000 (C)

Tip: On our sustainability page, we inform you about our five fields of action. The individual elements – for example "Society" – can be clicked and give additional information.

Brainteaser 7: With our climate boxes, we want to help schools sensitise their pupils to climate protection. What is the name of the project?
  • Antwort A: "You take off" (TZ)
  • Antwort B: "ista schools in energy efficiency" (REW)

Tip: In the same place where we give information about our fields of action, we also report on other sustainability projects.

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