As an experienced provider of services for the real estate industry, ista develops innovative technologies and services that make it easy to conserve resources and live in a climate-friendly way. We are also committed to ecological and social issues beyond our core business and enable our employees to engage as well.

Our Goal

We promote personal engagement – for greater climate protection and the careful use of ressources

We have set ourselves the following goal for our social engagement:

We will create opportunities for our employees to invest at least 5,000 hours a year in promoting climate protection and energy awareness in society.

Knowledge Transfer

We make the complexe simple – for sustainability in politics, business and society

We bring structure and transparency into the complexity of metering data, services and information – and share our knowledge with politicians, businesses and society. So we make a real contribution to advancing sustainability.

  • Together with the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), we publish the Heat Monitor every year.
  • We take part in idea competitions such as the Climathon in order to develop new ideas for greater climate protection.
  • We create platforms for sharing ideas and views and discussing resource
  • We provide consumers and customers with all kinds of information about climate protection and sustainability.


We take responsibility for ecological and non-profit initiatives

We take social responsibility and are committed to social and ecological issues. In this spirit, we also promote the social engagement of our

  • With the project "ista schools in energy efficiency", we help schoolchildren play an active role in protecting the climate.
  • We sponsor selected projects for which our employees volunteer their time.
  • We encourage our employees to get involved in campaigns such as the Earth Hour.
  • We take part in tree-planting and litter-collecting campaigns.
  • We offer platforms to draw attention to volunteering activities.
  • We regularly donate to social and ecological projects.


We get involved both group-wide and locally – for a sustainable world

We want to help shape political and social developments. The Communications & Public Affairs department at Head Office develops our principles and approaches. It organises and also manages our Group-wide activities. The sustainability ambassadors at our German branches and Sustainability Delegates in other countries are responsible for any additional local initiatives.