We help people make their contribution to climate protection.

Leading by example.

Taking responsibility

Only people who are aware of their responsibility can assume it.

We at ista are convinced of this. Therefore, we share our knowledge to promote awareness in society for the responsible use of energy. For this reason we pass on knowledge about energy efficiency and resource conservation to as many people as possible.

Efficiency through transparency

With our data-based products and services residents and owners of buildings are well informed about their own personal enery consumption, save energy and contribute to climate protection. In Germany alone, 3.7 million tonnes of CO2 are saved every year thanks to the annual heating cost bills from ista.

In addition, we expect that a monthly consumption update would save another 1.5 million tonnes of CO2. After all, monthly checks of consumption lead to average energy savings of 10 % as the three-year pilot project 'Saving money through clever heating' of the German Energy Agency (DENA) has demonstrated.

Our Goals & Actions

We help people make their contribution to climate protection.

This guiding principle sums up our CSR strategy. For the company ista is not only committed to ecological and social action itself but would also like to empower others to take such action. To promote sustainability in a targeted manner, we are active in five fields of action:

We help people make their contribution to climate protection.
Environment Environmental protection & energy efficiency
Markets Innovative services & products
Employees Culture & working world
Partners Coorperation & exchange of views
Society Awareness & education

"Improving step by step - for greater climate and resource protection." (Daniel Gardner, Team Leader, Technical Centre, ista Deutschland GmbH)

Sustainability begins with us. We promote environmental and climate protection in all areas of the company – for example by resource-conserving action.

Our Goals:

  • By conserving resources in all areas of the company, we will be climate-neutral by 2050.
  • We want to reduce our annual energy consumption in Germany by 6.5% from 2016 to the end of 2020. For the ista Group, we are striving to achieve a continuous improvement in energy efficiency of 1.3% on an annual average.

"Paving the way for a sustainable future - with digital solutions." (Regina Schumacher, Strategic Designer, Innovation Management - Incubator, ista International GmbH)

Innovation creates progress – our products and services make energy consumption transparent and help our users behave in a more climate-conscious way. So landlords and tenants can reduce their ecological footprint and save costs.

Our Goals:

  • We will help our customers/users reduce their CO2 emissions by 10% by 2030 (base year: 2015).
  • By 2027 we will equip all properties throughout Europe with remotely readable devices. We have already installed 25 million remotely readable end devices in our customers’ properties worldwide and almost 400,000 more are added every month.

"Start with yourself and lead by example - because it is up to each one of us."(Barbara Wiecher, Head of HR Global & Developing Markets, ista International GmbH)

Our employees help people live in an energy-efficient way – as employers, we create a corporate culture that supports them in achieving this.

Our Goals:

  • Engagement: We want to further improve the general conditions for employee engagement and so maintain our engagement score at the very high level of 80 in the period through to 2030.
  • Diversity is key to us: ista guarantees that employees can perform their roles in a non-discriminatory environment. ista Deutschland GmbH has voluntarily committed to filling at least 22% of managerial positions on the first and second levels below the Management Board with women by 2022.

"Walk the world with care - for small changes make a difference." (Werner Döker, Customer Service Technician, ista Deutschland GmbH)

We tackle sustainability together – we work in close cooperation with our ista service partners and suppliers in order to continuously improve our service offering and drive sustainability forward.

Our Goal:

  • From 2050, we will work exclusively with sustainable and climate-neutral suppliers as partners.

"Listen and be inspired  - in conversations with young people." (Werner Monschau, Technical Product Manager, Automated Meter Management, ista International GmbH)

Only people who are aware of their responsibility can assume it – ista shares knowledge to promote climate protection and energy awareness in society.

Our Goal:

  • We will create opportunities for our employees to invest at least 5,000 hours a year in promoting climate protection in society.
Corporate Governance: Success with sustainability

At ista, sustainability is the direct responsibility of the top management. Our CEO is a member of the Sustainability Core Team, which evaluates our sustainability strategy every three months, drives current topics forward and prepares goals and strategies.
The Sustainability Council ensures the international anchoring of sustainability management and brings ideas from the countries into the equation. It is made up of representatives of the national organisations, our Sustainability Delegates. The Sustainability Office coordinates the in-house sustainability projects and processes, including the recording of the key figures for this progress report.

Our Global Principles of Sustainability Strategy

It is a fundamental part of ista's culture to interact with the environment and society, with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders in a respectful and careful manner. Transparency is part of our company's DNA. Our cooperation with customers, partners and other stakeholders is characterised by openness, respect and fairness.

The following codes and structures provide us with a clear guide:

Sustainability activities & projects

Our sustainable projects and CSR measures illustrate the focus we place on our five fields of action at ista. Find out about the current status of our activities in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Learning what protects the climate

Should climate protection be part of the school curriculum? This question has caused heated debate in Germany. The topic is, however, definitely an issue for pupils. After all, children and young people of today will have to live with the problems that generations before them have created. We already took the initiative back in 2017 by launching the "ista schools in energy efficiency" project.

Highlight key figures from the CSR-Report 2019

As one of the world's leading real estate service providers, we are committed to greater energy efficiency in buildings, sustainability and social responsibility. At the same time, transparency is part of the DNA of our company. Therefore a matter of routine for us to report in an open and transparent way on our total engagement in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Please find our highlight key figures from the CSR Report 2019 here:

Progress Report and CSR-Reporting

Sustainability Report 2019

Our tenth progress report so far was published in 2020. In it we document our progress in the field of sustainability. The report also acts as the "Communication on Progress" report for the UN Global Compact, which ista is a member of.

Sustainability Report 2018

Our ninth Sustainability Report appeared in 2019. Here we report on progress in the field of sustainability based on the "Communication on Progress" as part of ista's membership of the Global Compact.

Sustainability Report 2017

The Sustainability Report 2017 is ista’s eighth sustainabilty report. It also represents the progress report for the Global Compact of the United Nations. In addition, we are reporting the information in our Sustainability Report for the second time in accordance with the German Sustainability Code.

Sustainability Report 2016

The Sustainability Report 2016 is ista’s seventh sustainabilty report. It also represents the progress report for the Global Compact of the United Nations. In addition, we are reporting the information in our Sustainability Report for the first time in accordance with the German Sustainability Code.

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