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World leaders in providing services for greater energy efficiencies in buildings.

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ista Energy Solutions are recognised globally as a competency centre for heat users.

We are a solution-based metering and billing provider that combine a customer first attitude with innovations in energy consumption verification, measurement and compliance to ensure we remain forerunners within the UK Energy market.

Active in 24 countries worldwide

Leader in energy and water management

Individual solutions for optimised consumption

Servicing 12 million dwellings with 45 million devices

Using our latest technologies, in heat meters, water meters, heat cost allocators & data collection, we not only allow you to visualise your energy, or that of your tenants, but also use this data to meet increasing complex government and environmental energy reporting. Whether consumption or carbon, ista has solutions to meet the requirements. Our portals and central data systems give you a single platform to consolidate your reporting and when required audit for completeness and accuracy.

Our solutions avoid delays and ensure you are well positioned to meet your obligations and avoid non-compliance issues, costs and repetitional damages.

ista Energy Solutions

We help Installers, Property Managers, Facilities Managers and Tenants with a comprehensive range of services covering

  • Community & District Heating
  • Energy Services
  • Energy Management
  • Technology - Tailored to your individual needs
  • Compliance reporting and billing
  • Heat Submetering


Contact us today with your requirement and we can discuss the perfect energy solution tailored exactly to your needs.

ista energy portals

We have developed a variety of innovative cloud-based portals which enable you to access your energy data 24-7 giving you true understanding and insight into your customer/tenant energy use. Whether you are a property manager, RHI supplier or tenant there is a portal to match your need.

  1. ista care - Property Managers
  2. Minute view - RHI Suppliers, CHP, District Heating
  3. Fuel view - RHI Suppliers, CHP
  4. Myista - Tenants

For more information on our portals and how they can help you please fill out the contact form and one of our friendly advisors will be in touch to discuss your requirements.