Engagement as a guiding principle

ista schools in Energy Efficiency

With the project "ista schools in energy efficiency", ista is making a contribution towards greater environmental and climate protection.

Schools are often a "black box" for energy consumption. An awareness of energy efficient action is particularly important in view of the many young users and lots of movement within the buildings. Saving energy here therefore has environmental education, social and financial dimensions.

ista schools in Energy Efficiency

We started with five selected schools in Essen, Germany since the end of 2016, equipping them with the latest metering technology, visualising and making their consumption data accessible to the pupils. We are also developing a teaching concept together with the teachers and climate protection managers from the city of Essen, Germany. The aim is for pupils to learn in various teaching units how energy consumption in the school can be improved through simple action. ista employees can actively participate in this project as volunteers, helping decide on lesson content and teaching it in workshops or school projects.

At the end of 2017, we started a cooperation project with the non-profit association, BildungsCent. Together, we will be equipping 100 secondary schools with so-called "climate boxes" throughout Germany. Using the climate box, pupils can become active themselves in climate protection – for example, by detecting energy weak points in the school building using various metering devices or by implementing their own climate protection concepts for their school with the aid of innovative learning materials.

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ista engages itself for its employees in several ways.

International Corporate Volunteering Programme
International Corporate Volunteering Programme "grow"

Every ista employee is an ambassador for greater sustainability and promotes the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility. Together and with great passion, our employees act in an environmentally friendly way and engage on behalf of society. ista promotes this with our international Corporate Volunteering Programme "grow". grow stands for 'great respect for our world'.

One example: Employees of ista's Head Office in Essen, Germany, removed storm damages in a public park.

Responsibility as an employer
Responsibility as an employer

Our employees are our most important resource. Treating each other in a spirit of trust and responsibility is a fundamental requirement of our corporate action. ista therefore takes its responsibility as an employer at its word and offers a wide variety of development possibilities in the fields of vocational and further training as well as health. Flexible working time models enable staff to better reconcile work and family and strengthen self-responsibility in everyday life.