Fair consumption-based billing of heat and water

Every user only pays for what they actually consume – that is the main goal of consumption-based billing.

The principle of distributing the costs of heat and water fairly has been implemented successfully in several European countries and has recently been part of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, making it compulsory in all European countries.
We issue millions of consumption-based bills annually – a service with sustainable success. The fair distribution of energy costs and individual billing make consumers aware of the responsible use of resources and result in savings in energy consumption of up to 30%, according to the European Commission.

A prerequisite for exact billing is reliable data collection using

installed and maintained by us and our partners. All the data collected are allocated to each consumer and the bill is generated. 

Lowering heat and water consumption with the ista web portal

The web portal enables property managers to view relevant data on the meter reading and billing of their properties. They can search in the data of recent years and check the status of all the devices installed. Billing-relevant data can be transmitted to us with the data exchange function. Alarms and messages in the mailbox provide information on changes in the properties. 

Residents of apartments receive a comprehensive overview of their energy consumption and costs – prepared in easy-to-understand graphics and with various comparison possibilities.

The web portal therefore becomes a comprehensive monitoring tool for all tenants and property managers, helping them to use energy responsibly and, at the same time, save costs.