Energy Data Management visualises energy consumption

With our comprehensive ista energy data management system, all heat and water consumption data are visualised on an online portal or by app.

Everyone therefore becomes an independent energy manager and can individually control their heat and water consumption. With very low investment, energy, costs and CO2 can be significantly reduced – depending on individual requirements.

In every country we offer tailor-made solutions with our data management system contributing to governmental efforts to reduce energy.

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Minute View – for full consumption transparency

MinuteView is an ista dashboard providing customers, tenants and installers a simple way of managing and visualising their facility consumption through an intuitive web portal.

MinuteView is linked directly to our billing platforms ensuring customers, tenants and installers that the consumption data collected are reliably validated and stored.  Users have visual access to this data for heat, cooling, temperature, electricity, gas, water and humidity meters.

MinuteView visualises energy consumed at annual, monthly or 15-minute data intervals.

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