Energy supply

GENEK, a Germany-based company, supplies gas and electricity to the real estate industry.

In addition to supplying energy, GENEK also operates metering points and provides  metering services using modern metering technology, so-called smart meters.

GENEK and the residential housing industry join forces to create an innovative energy supply concept comprising energy supplies, billing and metering services including smart metering.

Consumption transparency using visualisation

ista provides the know-how in the field of measuring point operation and metering services. In addition to metering device installation, the consumption data of each apartment are transmitted to ista via a secure radio link.  Furthermore, ista provides an online portal where all energy consumption figures can be seen.

This transparency results in greater control over the ancillary costs and the tenant's own energy consumption. 

Benefits for tenants:
  • Lower energy prices compared with current energy supply.
  • The possibility of monitoring  thanks to continuous consumption and cost transparency through the use of smart meters.
Benefits for the real estate industry:
  • Electronic readout of the consumption figures up to the cut-off date.
  • Prompt electronic billing is ensured.
  • This quick and electronic billing method also optimises existing processes for the preparation of the ancillary and heating cost bill.

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