Heat and water prepayment - ista SmartPay

In the UK, we offer tenants a heat and water prepayment solution called ista SmartPay.

The property is equipped with heat and water smart meters as well as electronic valves which can be remotely controlled. A world-class billing system allows landlords to offer tenants a leading prepayment solution for heat and hot water. Payment can be made either online or with retail payment services using an ista credit card.

With ista SmartPay we use a wall-mounted, in-home display showing the energy account balance at any time. ista provides multiple types of top-ups through either a secure web site or point-of-sale outlets with PayPoint. The account data can also be accessed securely on a phone, computer or tablet, allowing tenants to stay in control of their utility accounts anytime from anywhere.

For further information, please visit our local website www.ista-uk.com