One of the greatest challenges of our time is the responsible and careful use of natural resources such as energy and water. As one of the world's leading companies providing energy services for greater energy efficiency in buildings, we help our customers sustainably save energy, CO2 and costs in apartment buildings.

All around the world, ista products and services make individual energy and water consumption in buildings transparent. As a result, individual consumption behaviour becomes tangible  and understandable. And therefore controllable.


CSR is considered as important and needed. Therefore, the focus is very much on sustainability and responsibility.


Compliance plays an important role at ista. Due to this fact, guidelines and codes are strictly followed.


We engage to individually promote our employees due to the fact that they are our most important resource.


It is important to take care of the environment. ista intents to improve its CO2 balance constantly.


ista guarantees that employees can perform their roles in a non-discriminatory environment.


Satisfying today's requirements ista publishes a Sustainability Report. Now ista has changed its strategy towards an online reporting.