Energy Billing Service

People’s consumption of cooling and water is as varied as people themselves. Therefore, the principle of consumption-dependent billing is conclusive: everyone pays only for what he consumed. To meet this objective, ista Middle East offers a broad range of services centering on consumption-dependent reading and billing of utility costs as a one stop service provider.

Our wide span of know-how and our many years of global and local experience in the field of energy service provision have made us a strong and reliable partner. We liaise with our customers to provide the ideal service packages to suit their individual needs.

Consultancy Service & Energy Management Solutions

ista Middle East employs certified energy managers who share their knowledge with our customers. According to the individual property conditions, we advise you regarding hardware solutions and tips to save energy, including the following:

  • Tariff calculation
  • Establishing the best billing methodology
  • Common area cost allocation
  • Customised bill layout
  • Setting up the billing infrastructure
  • Bulk meter verification
  • Dispute resolution
  • Compliance, status and handing-over reports
  • Conducting read-outs including necessary checks, analysis, evaluation and validation
  • Highlight and clear irregularities and troubleshooting including physical investigation if needed
  • Process data and prepare for issuing invoices

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