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We welcome dialogue on our channels and look forward to questions, suggestions and frank discussions. We value respectful interaction with one another. In this context, we would like to refer you to our community rules. If any of these rules are violated, we reserve the right to permanently block individual contents and users on our channels without prior notice.

Community rules

  • We look forward to any constructive criticism. Avoid insults and abuse, both among yourselves and against the company and its employees.
  • In discussions please refer exclusively to contents and topics relating to ista. Comments not relevant to the topic will be deleted.
  • Hostile remarks and comments that discriminate against others because of their gender, age, language, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or ideology will be deleted immediately.
  • We also do not tolerate demagogic, sexist or racist comments.
  • Please do not make any claims that you cannot substantiate. Obvious untruths, suspicions, generalisations or groundless insinuations will be deleted.
  • We ask you to refrain from advertising. This includes any information that is not about the products and services of ista, commercial content, and contact addresses and phone numbers.
  • When providing links to external websites, please make sure that they are reputable sources.
  • We accept no liability for content uploaded by users such as comments, links, images and videos.

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