Integrity and transparency are of the highest priority at ista. They are the basis for a trusting relationship among all ista employees and with any of our stakeholders. Therefore, it is important that we become aware of all compliance infringements and potential misconduct that violates the law or our Code of Conduct.

ista offers the anonymous 'Speak Up' system to all internal staff as well as customers, suppliers and all other business partners. The reporting tool is hosted by an independent third party – Business Keeper GmbH. All reports are handled strictly confidential by ista's Compliance Organisation. Reporters are protected against retaliation, provided that the reports were made in good faith. Please be aware that intentional reporting of false information is prohibited by law.

In addition, any compliance concerns can also be raised directly to your supervisor / ista business contact or to the Compliance Organisation. 

We appreciate your trust and support.

To make a report using the 'Speak Up' system, please use the following link: Speak up! We care!