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Cool Water Metering and Billing Regulations

With our experience and technologies we have the solutions to ensure you understand and are compliant to the Cool Water Metering and Billing Regulations now in force for all community and district heating systems.

Awareness of cooling, reduce costs

Transparency saves Energy

Tenants who see their consumption, are more economical than their neighbours.

Über ista


ista Middle East is one of the leading energy Service Providers for more energy Efficiency in buildings. In particular in residential buildings and Commercial properties. We make the individual energy and water consumption transparent.



Corporate Social Responsibility does not take place on the fringes but at the heart of ista. Our products are sustainable to the very core because they help conserve resources. Therefore, the focus of our entire company is very much on responsibility.


Our information centre provides all the relevant information on topics related to energy management, energy billing and collection technologies. Our brochures, specifications and legal texts are all in one place.