Who is ista Middle East FZE?

ista is one of the world's leading companies providing energy management services for greater energy efficiency in buildings – especially in apartment buildings and commercial properties. We help property managers, home owners and tenants all over the world to meter, visualise, bill and manage individual energy and water consumption.

Today ista is present in 22 countries including Turkey, Doha and the United Arab Emirates as well as most European markets.

With our products we make individual energy and water consumption transparent, currently servicing approximately 12 million billing units. 
As a basis for this, we use hardware components based on ultramodern radio metering technology.

ista Middle East FZE is the UAE subsidiary of ista SE, whose headquarter is located in Essen, Germany.

Can I pay my bill online?

We are releasing our new updated tenant portal very soon, which will allow you to see your historic consumption and bills and allow you to pay for your bill or any fees online through our secure web pages.

In a next step you will also be able to do the following from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access):

- open an account with us

- complete registration/move in process 

- process move out / final bill request

Please let us know what else we can do, to make your interaction with us as smooth as possible.

Call us 24x7 on 800 ista ME (800 4782 63) or use the CONTACT FORM

Our Tenant portal will be available HERE.

I want to Move In / Register an account with ista

Office locations and timings see on the right (click to enlarge picture). 

What Documents are required to open an account with ista (move in / registration): 

  • Copy of the Registered Tenancy / Ownership Contract
  • Copy of Emirates ID / Passport (for individuals)
  • Copy of the Trade / Commercial License (for companies)
  • Tax Registration Certificate (for companies)
  • Power of Attorney (for companies)
  • End User Agreement Signature (to be provided by ista)
  • Settlement of Refundable Security Deposit & Registration and/or Connection Fees (to be provided by ista)
  • Upon completion of the above, a ‘No Objection Certificate’ for Move In will be issued
I want to Move Out & close my account with ista

Office locations and timings see on the right (click to enlarge picture). 

What Documents are required to close my ista account (move out):

  • Copy of the Electricity & Water Disconnected Clearance Certificate (if applicable)
  • Final Bill Request Form (signed / stamped by the Property Management / Owner)(if applicable)
  • Upon submission of the above, a Final Bill will be issued (within 48 working hours)
  • Upon settlement of the Final Bill in full, a ‘Non-Objection Certificate’ for Move Out will be issued
  • Refundable Security Deposit will be processed (if applicable) - Please note that by default Security Deposits will not be offset against any outstanding bills.
Disconnection process

Disconnection procedures are usually an ultimate step, when long outstanding payments are not settled by the end user and ista's client needs to ensure that the receivables are capped in order to minimise the risk of bad debt. To avoid this process, End users are urged to refer to the Bill Due Date mentioned on the bill and to ensure settlement on or before the due date.


Re-connection process

Reconnection following a disconnection due to overdue payments, occurs Sundays to Thursdays, between 9 AM – 5 PM.

Service will only be restored once: 

  • all overdue bills and any incurring charges due to disconnection are settled in full
  • registration is completed (in the event of non-registration)
Understanding your ista bill

Explanation of all fields on your ista bill:

Bank Transfer Reference Document
  1. Transfer Details to be filled out by the customer. Please see point number (1)in the Fund transfer form.
  2. Sender Address Details is to be filled out by the customer with the exact amount to be paid as mentioned in number (2) on the chilled water invoice. Please see point number (2) in the fund transfer form.
  3. Beneficiary Bank Details is to be exactly as mentioned on the bill payment instructions. Please write full details as mentioned in invoice payment instructions.
  4. Purpose of Payment:

    * Specific purpose of payment Please write: Chilled Water invoice payment.Please see below in RED

          ** Invoice Number:  Bill Number to be mentioned as per chilled water invoices.
               Please see number (4) onthe chilled water invoice.Please see below in RED

Cheque Transfer Reference Document
  1. Make sure that the Beneficiary Name to be written on the Chq is exactly as mentioned on the Bill Payment Instructions. Please see number (1) on both chq & invoice (highlighted text in yellow)
  2. Make sure that the amount to be written on the chq (2A) is exactly same as the amount written in the chq box (2B). Both should be matching the total Amount Due in the invoice.
    Please see number (2) on the Chilled water invoice.
  3. Make sure that the chq date (3) is Current Dated Chq.
  4. Make sure that the chq signature (No. 4 on Chq.) is exactly as per recorded in the bank.
What is sub-metering/consumption-based billing?

Sub-metering is defined as measuring the individual energy consumption inside the building in order to allocate charges invoiced by the utility (e.g. district cooling provider) to each individual end user based on their consumption,  registered by individual meters.

What is the advantage of sub-metering?

Sub-metering enables fair billing as occupants will only pay for their own energy consumption. This will allow occupants to be in full control of their energy consumption and charges. It is proven that sub-metering enhances the responsible usage and generates energy savings to reduce impact on environment.

What is a BTU meter?

A BTU meter is a device which measures energy usage in BTUs. BTU means British Thermal Unit. It is the measurement unit of the energy content used in the chilled water system (often converted to Refrigeration Ton -RT).