Procurement & Supply Chain

We work with our suppliers as part of a trusting partnership. ista has expectations of its suppliers - but it also supports them. We value constructive, sustainable teamwork. That’s why we invest in a strong pool of new and longstanding suppliers.

Our Supplier Management has a central function here. Throughout the company, teams specialized in classes of goods and with all manner of different remits manage all of ista’s procurement processes to ensure our product quality, productivity and competitiveness for the longer term.

ista has signed up to international initiative such as Global Compact. This means we also expect our suppliers to observe the principles of sustainability. We also expect new suppliers to automatically provide us with detailed information about themselves, and we audit companies' environmental and social policy as part of the approval process.

The ista Terms and Conditions of Purchasing of Goods and/or Services are originally prepared and shall be used in the English or German language. No other translations or versions than the officially released and below published ista documents shall be used.

Here you will find the approved and officially released Terms and Conditions of Purchasing of ista International GmbH.

  • General Expectations of Conduct
  • Our Conditions of Purchase for Direct Materials
  • Our Conditions of Purchase for Indirect Materials and Services



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