About us

We add sustainable value to buildings for their residents and owners. To achieve this, we manage data and processes that make the building climate-friendly, safe and comfortable.

Benefits for owners and residents

Our data-based products and services make individual energy consumption transparent to residents so they can save energy, costs and CO2. This in turn makes it easier for the owner to increase energy efficiency and therefore the value of the property. So residents and owners together actively contribute to climate protection. In average every household saves 20 % of its annual heat consumption and costs. Every year some four million tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided by our customers and their tenants in Germany alone.

Technology wins

Our product and service world is digital-based. Our device infrastructure makes smooth data-based building data management possible, doing away with traditional on-site reading of energy meters in particular. This increases convenience for residents and owners as it dispenses with meter-reading appointments and waiting times and reduces data and process management times.

Our digital infrastructure can also be used for other applications, such as digital smoke alarm devices which can be remotely serviced, therefore increasing residents' safety.

One step ahead

Today, we are already making our product and service world fit for the Internet of Things. In the near future, billions of smart devices will communicate directly with each other. As a driver of innovation in our industry, we are therefore systemically gearing our building infrastructure to be IoT-capable. So we are already in a position today to develop solutions and use cases with our customers for the intelligent building of tomorrow.

ONE ista

'We', that is the over 5,800 ista employees in 22 countries. We are all united by the desire to become THE partner for digitisation and smart solutions for building owners and their residents. We want to go down this path to the future together with the worldwide 450,000 owners and 13 million residents, in whose buildings and apartments our products and services are used today.

Facts & Figures

  • 5500
  • 0
  • 0 Mio. t CO2
    avoided emissions in Germany
  • 25999999
    connected devices
  • 59999925
  • 12999950

'We want to become
THE partner for digitisation and
smart solutions in buildings.'

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