Optimal Management of Your Energy Consumption

Our energy management consultants can evaluate existing building stock, develop metering strategies and monitor usage to identify areas in which energy consumption can be reduced. We can also assist landlords and proprietors of multi-purpose buildings in setting up split metering systems, to ensure that responsibility for energy consumption is distributed correctly.

Ultimately, our expert energy management team is dedicated to identifying opportunities and delivering solutions to reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs. 

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Measure, monitor and save

ista offer a web-based energy management systems that combine meter data, property data and utility costs from across your estate, providing a single point from which to monitor, measure and manage energy use.

Benefits of the ista Energy Systems

ista collects data from supplier meters and internal meters, and can be linked to other aspects of your energy use such as BMS and financial systems

  • Monitor energy use in real time

ista’s energy dashboards can be used to track, share and analyse energy use.

  • Be alerted to problems early

When energy consumption exceeds target levels, you will be notified by email/SMS to take action and correct any problems.

  • Web-accessible, 24/7

Instantly access your data at any time, from anywhere in the world, via computer or tablet.

  • Make energy use visible and measurable

Encourage behavioural change by sharing energy data and reports. Stakeholders can access the data via computers or tablet and have regular reports emailed directly to them.

Control what you use

ista can help you identify where you current waste energy and provide strategies and systems to manage and remove these costs from across your estate.  

Controls and Targeted Hardware

ista assess your data and site surveys to identify and quantify excessive energy usage.  Our experts can help specify the best options for you to manage and remove this wastage from your sites.  Whether this is through new lighting, heating or overlaying controls

  • Behavioural Changes; Turn it Off

The simplest solution is to identify when you need energy and be sure that you turn it off when you don't.  A simple strategy but sometimes difficult to ensure that all staff are aware of how and when to do this.

  • New Hardware and Changes

ista will be able to ensure that your existing lighting and energy systems are appropriate.  If these are old, coming to the end of their life or just too difficult to control we can provide options and full cost analysis for asset replacements.  We will be able to provide a full business case for these new systems and help you understand how and when to implement these.

  • Control Systems

Sometimes it is appropriate to automate the control of certain energy systems and assets in your business.  But the control platform needs to be implemented and commissioned to your sites needs.  Ensuring that all staff are aware of what and how assets are controlled, how these integrate with each other and how these deliver savings. 

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