Ista is leading the market in working with multiple data collection solutions. In addition to our RadioNet system for Heat Cost Allocation, other meters use LoRA or M-Bus networks to reliably transfer information to the ista billing platform.

The M-Bus

This long standing and reliable solution is routinely used for the wired connection of meters to the date collection gateways.  If desifned well and installed carefully very high data collection standards can be achieved.  Care is required during the installation and ista supports through this phase – esp. at commissioning of a new build development.

The data collection gateways installed by ista will identify connected meters so that the customer can be sure the system is fully operational before the new building is occupied.  Having ista install the M-Bus gateways during commissioning of the building also assist identifying any installation issues and supports fast resolution – reduced snagging costs.

There are a variety of masters available, allowing for up to 256 slaves per module. The products for expansion also include: humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature. But that's not all: with the help of ista system technology, up to 2,000 meters can be read centrally - and permanently. Because in order to be able to effectively control energy consumption, it is not enough to compare the consumption values once a year. Rather, a possibility for constant monitoring is needed. And this is what the M-Bus system offers.



    Increasingly the preferred technology for new developments is wireless and the ista IoT LoRA solutions offer reduced costs, faster installation and significantly higher first time data capture makes this solution for types of utility sub-metering an increasingly popular solution.

    In addition to providing a sound and reliable sub-metering infrastructure, the LoRA enviromment also supports multiple other devices to provide further user or operator benefits eg:  air-quality measurement, humidity monitoring, leak detection and numerous options.

    The ista SmartPay system utilises the benefits of LoRA to provided a highly flexible sub-metering system with integrated debt management.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Connection of up to 2,000 consumption recording devices posssible
    • Multiple  installation solutions
    • M-Bus is well established and understood by installers
    • Commissioning support from ista will quickly identify any issues in installation
    • Costs and time can be minimised with the correct solution choice
    • Frequent and fast readout possible (electronic data can be reused directly)
    • No access problems, as users do not have to be disturbed
    • Avoidance of reading errors ensures high reliability
    • Added value can be delivered through an expanded IoT network, based on metering but incorporating other useful devices