SmartPay Prepayment Billing

Innovative payment solutions for your billing

Smartpay is a wall mounted in-home display, wirelessly connected to the control box to allow tenants to see their energy account balance at any time. It connects securely to our on-line billing portal allowing tenants to make secure payments via all major credit and debit cards. We allow the tenants to securely register a payment card and automatically top-up when the balance goes below a tenant defined threshold.

Pre-payment or Credit Modes

ista SmartPay can be remotely configured to operate in a full credit payment mode; which provides the tenant the ability to see their actual bill in real time.  Our web portal allows for automatic payments when the debt hits a pre-defined level or time. This gives tenants and landlords a fully flexible approach to cooling billing and control.

It's as simple as that.

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What Heat and Water Meters Can Be Used?

ista provides a full range of heat/cooling and water meters. However if you already have meters the ista SmartPay will operate with all bus enabled meters.

Heat Interface Integration

ista SmartPay is independent to and can operate with all UK Heat Interface Units. We can discuss with you the best option for controlling the shut off of heat, as some HIUs can be integrated directly to SmartPay without the need for motorised valves.

Can I Control Other Utilities?

Please call us to discuss your requirements. ista has a number of utilities that can be included in the prepayment control strategy within each apartment.

Do I Have to Turn Off The Heat When The Credit Is Used Up?

No, you can set individual valve policies to manage emergency credit, vulnerable tenants and even have different strategies depending upon the outside temperature and time of year.

SmartPay Communication Configurations?

ista SmartPay can be configured to utilise apartment standalone GSM or be integrated directly into a building wide Cat5 Lan system. This interoperability provides a secure and flexible approach to fit with your building communication strategy. Talk to us of the benefits of each system to ensure that you understand your options

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