Ultrasonic BTU Meters (ultego series)

ultego® series BTU meters measure volume flow by static means with ultrasound.

The cooling water volume is measured in the measuring tube by ultrasonic pulses which are transmitted in the direction of flow and against the direction of flow. Downstream, the delay between the transmitter and receiver is reduced, upstream it is increased. The cooling water volume is then calculated using the measured values for the delay.

The flow and return temperatures are determined using platinum resistors. The cooling water volume and the difference in temperature between the flow and return are multiplied and its product integrated. The result which is the consumed quantity of thermal energy or cold is registered and displayed in the physical units kWh / MWh, or MJ / GJ, the quantity of volume in m3.

Ultego series has three types of meters:

  • ultego 3 smart
  • ultego 3 eco
  • ulteho 3 perfect

ultego® III smart

The compact device meets the requirement of residential sub-metering. The nominal sizes qp 0.6, 1.5, and 2.5 are available. The device consists of a high-tech plastic flow sensor, two permanently connected temperature sensors and a calculator calculating the energy consumption from volume and temperature delta. The volume acquisition works on the principle of wear-free ultrasonic measuring without mechanically moved parts. The long-life battery has been dimensioned for the whole service life of the meter. The meter cannot be opened without destroying the security stamp.

On every monthly reporting date, the calculator stores the values of thermal energy, flow volume, off-hours meter, maximum flow and return temperature with date & time, for 24 months. The electronic unit features an optical interface and options for remote reading, such as M-bus or pulse output.

ultego® III eco

The ultego® III eco is a measuring device for the physically correct recording of the heat consumption. The device consists of a volumetric flow meter, two permanently attached temperature sensors and a calculator, which calculates the heat consumption from the volume and the temperature difference. The volumetric flow meter is a wear-resistant ultrasonic measuring device without mechanically moving parts. The long-life battery is designed for the entire duration of the calibration period. The ultego® III eco cannot be opened without breaking the calibration seal.

The nominal sizes qp 0.6, 1.5, and 2.5 are available. On every monthly reporting date, the calculator stores the values of thermal energy, flow volume and error hours counter for 15 months.

ultego® III perfect

The ultego® III perfect is a modular device used to measure thermal energy in residential (single & multifamily houses), commercial and industrial purposes. It is available as a heat meter, combined heat/cooling meter, as Ultracold for cooling applications or for pure flow measurement in systems using water as medium. It offers flow volumes of between Qp 0.6 to 60 m3/hr.

The ultego® III perfect allows you to read out data and integrate it into different systems. Data bus, pulse or wireless – we offer you a wide range of communication modules. All modules are basically simple to retrofit or replace even during operation. Two slots are available per unit.

The electronic unit stores the meter readings for quantity of heat, volume, the tariff register, missing time, and flow rate measuring time as well as the monthly maxima for flow rate, power, temperature difference, flow temperature and return temperature with their date stamp for 18 months on the set day of each month.