ista's smart heating system control unit Sophia has won two awards in Spain. The highlight of Sophia: it is based on the existing devices in the boiler room and breathes intelligence into even older heating systems. In this way, ista helps its customers to reduce their building's energy consumption and CO2 footprint. The complete technological solution comprising hardware, software and service, which is available in more and more countries, has now been recognised by the German Chamber of Foreign Trade in Spain (AHK Spain) as a particularly innovative reference project in the field of energy efficiency in the building sector and was presented to an interested specialist audience at an exhibition in Madrid. At the "C&R", an international trade fair for air conditioning, ventilation, heating, sanitary and refrigeration technology in Madrid, Sophia was also included in the exclusive "Gallery of Innovation", which recognises the 20 most innovative products of the year.

Sophia's hardware can be installed on existing heating systems in just a few hours and then optimises their operation fully automatically. It collects data on heating habits and weather conditions, determines the actual demand on this basis and automatically and proactively regulates the amount of heat produced. In this way, heating energy consumption can be reduced by around 15 to 25 per cent without replacing the system and without any loss of comfort - the same applies to CO2 emissions. Other functions include the early detection of faults and continuous monitoring of the hot water boiler, which prevents the proliferation of legionella bacteria. Sophia was developed in Spain, where it has been in use in numerous buildings since 2021. It is currently being rolled out successively in the UK, Italy, Austria and Switzerland - in Germany, Sophia is currently being used in various pilot projects.

"The awards prove it: Sophia is an excellent example of how technology can be used smartly to reduce CO2 emissions and energy cost both in the residential and also commercial & industrial real estate sector. Our many already running installations show that our customers are very satisfied and the Sophia system is in many cases even performing significantly beyond the expected 15-25% savings," says Oliver Schlodder, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and member of ista's Management Board.



Photos during the award ceremony

Beatriz Olias (subdirector in the chamber of commerce), Ignacio Abati García-Manso (Country Manager at ista) und Luis de Pereda (Director of the European Institute of Innovation)

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