Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ista Middle East FZE?

ista is global leader when it comes to consumption based billing, operating in 26 countries with 50 million meters installed around the world and 11 million bills issued annually. ista Middle East FZE is the UAE subsidiary of ista International GmbH in the UAE.

What is sub-metering/consumption-based billing?

Sub-metering means measuring individual energy consumption inside the building to allocate charges invoiced by the utility. This will be according to energy consumed by individuals and registered by meters.

What is the advantage of sub-metering?

Sub-metering enables fair billing as occupants will only pay for their own energy consumption. This will allow occupants to be in full control of their energy consumption and charges. It is proven that sub-metering enhances the responsible usage and generates energy savings to reduce impact on environment.

What is a BTU meter?

A BTU meter is a device which measures energy usage in BTUs. BTU means British Thermal Unit. It is the measurement unit of the energy content used in the chilled water system (often converted to Refrigeration Ton -RT).

How do I understand my bill?

Here you can find a detailled description of an ista bill