Chilled Water Energy Meters

Chilled Water Energy Meters, commonly referred to as BTU meters, can be defined by the measurement of heat/chilled water energy consumption.

The BTU meter comprises of a flow measurement sensor, two temperature sensors and a microprocessor based energy calculator. The Flow Sensor shall be installed in chilled water return lines in the direction of the chilled water flow either in vertical or horizontal position. The two temperature sensors, one sensor shall be installed on return line and the second sensor shall be installed in supply line. The quantity of thermal energy transferred from the cooling water to the consumer over a defined period of time is proportional to the temperature difference between the flow and return and the volume of cooling water that has flowed through.

ista offers two types of BTU meters, one with ultrasonic measuring technology (ultrasonic BTU meters) and other with conventional multi jet impeller (mechanical BTU meters).

Ultrasonic heat meter

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