Heat cost allocator

For transparent heating cost billing

The time-tested technology for recording and billing heat consumption data: the ultramodern heat cost allocator, doprimo 3 ready, is revolutionising the allocation of heating costs. These recording devices are already fully equipped for three possible service versions. Once installed, you alone decide how the device is to be used.

The heat cost allocator shows the consumption units in an easy-to-read and particularly consumer-friendly way. Thanks to its individual programming, the doprimo 3 ready can be operated in three different service versions: reading directly on the device, outside the apartment or by remote reading – interim reading by the landlord or tenant is no longer necessary. Under the Heating Cost Ordinance, heat meters and heat cost allocators are now compulsory.

Performance features at a glance

Technical features

Top section

    • made of heat-resistant plastic
    • contains all the electronics: LC display, 10+2-year long-life lithium battery, sensor
    •  stores the last 14 month-end figures as well as the cut-off date figures of the previous year (year before last)

      Bottom section

        • consists of a highly heat-conductive die casting
        •  can be installed quickly and simply with all standard commercial gaps between welded studs (32 mm, 50 mm and 57 mm)
        •  special plastic cover makes unsightly installation marks invisible
        •  LC display is activated by briefly pressing the button
        •  display changes every two seconds between the current figure and the cut-off date figure

          The device stores the current display figure when the cut-off date has been reached. Then the display is reset to 0 and the heat cost allocator starts to meter again from the beginning.

          Designed as a 1 and 2-sensor recording device

          In 2-sensor operation, the device records the temperature of the radiator surface and the room air. It starts to meter as soon as there is a temperature difference of at least 4.5 Kelvin between the radiator sensor and the room air sensor. No metering takes place below 23°C on the radiator.

          In 1-sensor operation, a fixed value (20°C) is simulated for the room air in the electronics. In this case, the electronics create the difference between the radiator surface temperature measured and the room air temperature of 20°C. This temperature difference is the criterion for the heat consumption in every mode of operation.

          Range of operation

          The heat cost allocator's range of operation lies between

          • 35° and 90° (compact version)
          • 35° and 110° (remote sensor version)

          Heat cost allocator doprimo – your advantages:

          • Radio module can be activated when needed without exchanging the device installed
          • High billing accuracy: interface-free electronic consumption recording
          • Automatic transfer of the data to the ista billing system
          • High reliability: systematically refined technology based on many years of experience with electronic heat cost allocators
          • No problems with tenant changes: large storage capacity permits call-up of the past 14 month-end figures at any time
          • Broad range of applications: 2-sensor technology guarantees exact registration even after conversion of an old heating boiler to low-temperature or condensing boiler technology
          • Apartment users have full control: the running cost bill is easy to understand (current reading and cut-off figure can be checked at any time)
          • Discreet elegance: blending in with current radiator design

          Do you have any questions on the heat cost allocator?

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