Apartment water meter

We have developed our apartment water meter, domaqua, which works on the single-jet impeller principle, into a veritable all-rounder. The new modular water meter domaqua m uses a single meter to provide a solution for every technology and application.

In the basic version, the domaqua m is supplied with a mounted and secured empty module. The version based on the single-jet principle guarantees consistent metering and the recording of even the smallest flow volumes. As a dry-running meter, it also permits greater operating and metering accuracy as the counter does not come into contact with flowing water. This prevents deposits in the counter. The meters can be fitted in a horizontal or vertical position and the counter then easily rotated through 360° into the optimum meter-reading position.


Your advantages with our apertment water meter

  • Many fields of application thanks to its modular design
  • Disturbance-free electronic transmission of the meter readings
  • Compatible with previous product generations
  • Modules can remain in service for 10 years even if the meter has to be replaced in accordance with the prescribed calibration periods in countries where calibration is compulsory
  • Available as a cold and hot water meter with flow rates of 1.5 to 2.5 m³ per hour in different lengths

istameter® m

The mechanical flush water meters istameter® m, which can either be used for the measurement of cold or hot water, are multi-jet impeller meters. The rotation of the impeller shaft is transferred via a magnetic coupling of the mechanical counter gear on the non-computer, by which the former does not get in touch with the tap water (dry running water meter). The flush water meters will be mounted horizontally and vertically on one- pipe connection pieces (EAS) or valve connection pieces (VAS).

The istameter® m has an interface which allows a volume proportional scanning by coupling a modulator disk onto the water wheel of the water meter (1 rotation = 1 litre)

The modular water meter istameter® m can be equipped with communication modules for wireless systems, for M-Bus systems, or with contact modules The transfer of the measured value to these communication modules, is raised by optical and capacitive reactionless scanning the modulator disc of the water meter. The modules detect flow and backflow of the water meter.