Self-made is simply better

Climate protection is a major task that affects everyone. At ista, we have made it our mission to create transparency about energy consumption around the globe. To make it easier for as many people as possible to save energy, CO2 and costs. To achieve this, energy and water consumption must be precisely measured, accurately billed and easy to manage. Property managers and owners need not only first-class services, but also the right technology, such as radio-based heat cost allocators, water and heat meters, and smoke alarms. We develop these devices ourselves - in the ista technical center.

International competence in the middle of the metropolian region Ruhr

To meet the high demands on our technology, you need a motivated, creative team with fresh ideas and professional know-how. That's why we decided in 2017 to bundle all the expertise required for research and equipment development in one place and set up such a team. The ista Technikum was thus created in the middle of the Ruhr region. The location in Essen offers optimal technical conditions, good accessibility and a reliable infrastructure. Around 75 employees from all over the world work here every day to make devices more efficient, data measurements more accurate and climate protection simpler.

Where visions become reality

What drives the future of real estate technology? At our company, new technologies and trends are not just empty buzzwords, but are openly discussed and quickly tested. Nevertheless, innovation is not an end in itself, because the needs of our customers come first. We want to create products that really prove themselves in everyday use. To do this, we constantly retest our devices, expose them to extreme temperatures or humidity, and examine them in the smallest cross-sections. With our in-house 3D printer, good ideas can be realized and tested overnight.

Development of new products

Continuous product tests

Testing of new technologies

Tomorrow's real estate connects residents, managers and other stakeholders digitally. Megatrends such as digitization and topics such as smart homes and the Internet of Things are bringing about technical and social changes that are making our time one of the most interesting in human history, while at the same time constantly placing new demands on data protection and security. Our engineers work every day to create the best solutions for this.

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