16 per cent* of CO₂ emissions in Germany come from the building sector. These emissions must now be reduced if the German government's goal of climate-neutral residential buildings by 2045 is to be achieved. For the real estate industry, this means a huge challenge with no alternative. After all, anybody who does not comply with the requirements loses the "future licence" for their properties. But ista does not leave its customers and partners on their own. With ista’s newly developed brand vision of carbon-free real estate by 2040, ista even makes a promise: to work together with its customers and partners to ensure the future viability of their properties and help them achieve their goals.

Three points of focus for a secure future

As a knowledge, consultancy and solutions partner, ista stands by all its customers and partners to ensure their properties are future-proof. “A building without modern metering technology is like an old car that spews out clouds of exhaust fumes. It works somehow. But it has no future. With our vision, which we also show in the video, we make it clear that we do everything to make buildings viable for the future,” says Nikolai Diepenbrock, Head of Marketing at ista. With this vision, ista focuses on three points:

  1. ista is committed as a company to society's goal of being carbon-free.
  2. ista shows responsibility for ensuring its customers’ properties retain their value.
  3. ista underlines its aspiration to continually respond to corporate and cultural changes and requirements in an agile manner. Therefore, ista’s brand essence is: future viability.

If you want climate protection, you have to start with yourself

ista does not just support its customers and partners in their efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions, but has also set itself the goal of CO₂-free (net-zero) operations by 2030. ista has already been operating climate-neutral since June 2021 and, with two ESG-financing instruments in place, the company’s funding is now also linked to the achievement of sustainability targets.

* Source, last accessed 07.06.2022

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