Safety for you and your loved ones

Congratulations! Your new fumonic 3 smoke detector increases the safety for you, your dear ones, and your neighbors significantly.

Remote monitoring of the most important functions

Fumonic 3 is the newest and most advanced smoke detector on the market. All the important functions of the smoke detector are monitored by ista. And on regular basis ista will test the smoke detector and make sure it works optimal.

With the fumonic 3 smoke detector in your home – you can feel nothing but safe!

Get to know the signals!

The smoke detector shows various signals, which informs you if an alarm has been given. Get to know the signals, so you know what to do.

How to shut off alarms

Smoke detectors can be shut off by pressing the center area of the smoke detector. This stops the alarm for approx. 10 minutes and then it will automatically go back to normal situation.

Good advice in case of fire

In case of fire every second counts. Stay calm, get you and your family out of the building, and call for help.

  1. Save yourself and other people from danger
  2. Yell “fire” to alarm other people and they will manage to get out
  3. When you are out of the building – stay outside the building. Do not enter any building on fire.
  4. Call 112 for help and inform of:
  5. What has happened
  6. Your phone number
  7. Where did this happen
  8. Stay on the scene until the fire brigade arrives, so that you can inform if there are any missing persons in the building.

Advantages when using fumonic 3 smoke detector – in short

24/7 monitoring makes sure the smoke detector works

The smoke detector is monitored. If the battery does not work, the smoke detector will be removed. If the smoke detector is subject to vandalism it is registered by the monitoring and the error will be repaired by ista.

Regular tests increase the safety

The smoke detector is tested regularly. This way ista ensures that you have a maintained and well-functioning smoke detector. Among other things the smoke detector is tested if it has been subject to vandalism (attempts to dismount/manipulate it) or any blockage. Manual tests can also be made.

LED light for better orientation

In case of an alarm the smoke detector will show a LED light which penetrates the smoke and helps you orientate – even in a dark and smoke-filled room.

Contact ista at phone number 77 32 33 50 if you experience problems or errors with your smoke detector.

Important information on the smoke detector:

  • Do not remove or dismount the smoke detector!
  • Do not paint on the smoke detector!
  • Do not cover up the smoke detector!
  • To stop the alarm: push the button in the middle of the smoke detector!