ista UK is an energy consultancy company based at The Officers’ Mess, Duxford with 46 office staff, 4 whom are based at a second site at Solopark and 10 staff that work remotely. ista is a multinational company that work across a number of countries and sectors. ista UK offer a range of services to companies and social landlords including: Utility Purchasing, Utility Management Service, Smart metering and data collection, New Utility Infrastructure, Energy Management, Retrospective Audits, CRC and RHI Support, ESOS and Heat Billing.

The nature of ista’s activities means that we have the opportunity to improve and enhance the environment in which we live and work. We regard environmental performance as an integral part of our business and are therefore committed to maintaining high environmental standards in every aspect of our activities. In order to achieve this, we maintain systems compliant with ISO 14001. The Scope of our integrated management system includes all operations at both our site, including Utility purchasing, utility and energy management services, smart metering, data collection, new utility infrastructure, auditing, reporting and support services.

ista is committed to;

  • Operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, requirements of interested parties and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Prevent pollution as a result of our activities by identifying significant risks and implementing adequate control measures accordingly;
  • Continually improve our environmental performance by establishing a programme of objectives and targets;
  • Identify, monitor and measure our environmental aspects and impacts to understand how our activities and services interact with the environment;
  • Identify and provide environmental training for our staff in relation to specific job roles;
  • Involve people from across our organisation to ensure that continual improvement of environmental performance is achieved;




Should you require a copy of these documents please Email Us and we will be happy to supply signed copies



ista are WEEE Scheme registered with Valpak, registration WEE/MM1212AA.  For more information about our take back scheme for WEEE products for please contact