ista UK is an energy consultancy company based at The Officers’ Mess, Duxford, with 46 office staff. 4 whom are based at a second site at Solopark and 10 staff that work remotely. ista is a multinational company that work across a number of countries, and sectors. ista UK offer a range of services to companies and social landlords including: Utility Purchasing, Utility Management Service, Smart metering and data collection, New Utility Infrastructure, Energy Management, Retrospective Audits, CRC and RHI Support, ESOS and Heat Billing.

We aim to provide quality services that surpass our client's needs and expectations. By adopting procedures that are compliant with ISO 9001 we can ensure that all staff are suitably selected, trained and resourced. All staff ensure that our products and services meet the quality criteria set by the company. Our client's needs are paramount; our staff are our greatest asset; and our innovation, investment and technology give us our competitive edge.

ista is committed to;

  • Develop, implement and the continually improve the effectiveness of our quality performance and underpinning management systems;
  • Ensure that Quality Objectives are established and subject to annual senior management review with targets monitored to ensure progress;
  • Ensure that stakeholder needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving high levels of satisfaction;
  • Communicate throughout the organisation the importance of meeting customer / partner needs and legal requirements;
  • Ensure the availability of resources necessary to the implementation and continual improvement of the system;
  • Compliance with all legislation and all other applicable requirements applicable to the activities and services we deliver;
  • Maintain a strict and professional approach to our client's information ensuring confidentiality and;
  • Train and develop all employees to ensure that we work holistically towards these aims and share in the commitment to manage client’s needs and expectations in all of our activities and operations;




Should you require a copy of these documents please Email Us and we will be happy to supply signed copies