Frequently asked questions

Here we put together the most significant questions and answers for you. Please check the sections below to see if your question is listed.


What does ista Netherlands do

What does ista Netherlands do?

ista Nederland B.V. creates your heat and/or water bills on behalf of your property manager. Your home is equipped with a heating system which is connected to a common central heating supply for all residents of the building in which you live. To allocate the total costs of the common central heating installation fairly, meters have been installed to record your heat and/or water consumption as accurately as possible. Your property manager provides us with a statement of the costs incurred, as well as details of the participants.

Some people think that ista is an energy company, however this is not the case. ista is an independent organisation and takes care of installing meters, reading meters, meter maintenance and creating individual household bills. In most instances, your property manager will arrange any settlement of amounts underpaid or overpaid, however your property manager may also have outsourced this process to ista.

Meters and radiators

Why are there heat cost allocators on the radiators?

Meters have been placed on the radiators to measure the heat consumption of all residents. In this way, the total energy costs of the building can be distributed fairly (according to consumption) and each resident pays what he / she has consumed in heat.

What should I do if one of the heat cost allocators is defective?

If one of your meters is defective, please contact ista Nederland immediately (telephone no. 010 2455700). Whether we can process your report immediately or first need an order from your administrator depends on the agreement that your administrator has made with us.

What should I do if I want to install/replace/remove a radiator?

If you want to change something regarding your radiators, please contact ista Nederland (telephone no. 010 2455700). Whether we can process your report immediately or first need an order from your administrator depends on the agreement that your administrator has made with us.

What do I do if my radiator remains warm after I close the valve?

Please contact your administrator to report problems with your radiators.

I'm moving out. What do I do?

If you are going to move, please contact ista Nederland (telephone no. 010 2455700). We are happy to help you further and give you the right advice with the agreements that your administrator has made with us.

The bill

I have received my bill. When will the difference be settled?

Do you see on the bill:

  1. To be received: then you will get the amount of money from your administrator back into your bank account
  2. To be paid: then you have to pay the amount of money to your administrator.
  3. Note: Do you make your payments to ista Netherlands? Then we will refund the amount to you or you will have to pay the amount to us.
Can I use my meter readings to calculate future payments?

No, you cannot calculate your heating costs yourself with your meter readings. This is because:

  1. Meter readings must be converted to consumption
  2. The total energy costs are only known after the settlement period
  3. In addition to costs for your own consumption, other costs will also be charged
I used less (or a similar number of) units than last year, but my bill is higher. Why is this?

When your bill is higher than last year, this can be for several reasons:

  1. Total energy costs have increased
  2. The total units have decreased in the building
  3. Your advance amount is lower than in the previous billing period
  4.  Additional costs have been charged
I'm moving out. When will I receive my bill?

This depends on the agreements that your administrator has made with us. Please contact ista Nederland (telephone no. 010 2455700). We are happy to help you and give you the right advice.

Reading the meters

How do I know when my meters have been read?

- If your radiators are equipped with radio readable meters, a visit from the meter reader is not necessary. The meters are read at the ista Nederland office via a modem link.

- A meter reader will visit you if the meters require reading. The proposed visit will be announced well in advance by means of a card through your letter box. The card will indicate the date and time of the proposed visit.

- If you cannot be at home on the indicated date and time, then please rearrange your appointment with the meter reader. If you fail to do this and you are not at home at the arranged time, the meter reader will again leave you a card in your letter box. You will find the meter reader’s name and phone number on this card, which you can use to make a new appointment within five days. If you do not respond within this period, we will need to estimate your energy use.

How do I read my meter readings

You will find the leaflets of our meters here. In these leaflets you can see how you can read the meter and what this information means. 

How do I get insight into my consumption during the heating season?

You can see your consumption in our web portal. You can compare this consumption with your consumption in the previous heating season and with the average consumption in the building in which you live. You can use our web portal if your administrator has taken out a subscription for this. Via this link Login - My ista you can view the demo version. You can also read your consumption yourself on the meter. Information about this can be found in our leaflets.


What does the Debicasso service entail?

Debicasso is ista Nederland’s supplementary service, used for settling heat and/or water costs directly with you (the resident/tenant).
You pay your monthly advance payments direct to ista and ista pays the monthly advance payments to your energy supplier. At the end of the billing period, ista will settle any over or under payments directly with you.
Our Debicasso service takes on board the administrative activities on behalf of your property manager. ista Nederland is not an energy company.

How is the amount of the advance payment determined?

In the first year of billing by ista Nederland, your general preferences for heating and/or water use are still unknown. Your advance payment in this first year is therefore the amount your property manager has specified to us.
The same applies to new residents. In this instance for the first year we also charge an advance payment amount specified by your property manager.

When we draw up your annual statement, we can see if the amount of your monthly advance payment has been sufficient, too high or too low. We will then adjust the amount of advance payment accordingly.

When will my advance amount be debited?

Your advance amount will be debited by direct debit around the first of the month.

Can you debit my advance payment amount on a different date?

No, unfortunately when using direct debit it is not possible to debit your advance amount on a different date.

Can I adjust the amount of my advance payment?

Yes, you can adjust the amount of your advance payment.

You can do this by sending an email to stating the desired amount of advance payment. You will receive a confirmation.

You can also easily adjust the amount of your advance payment yourself via the residents’ portal. If you have not yet signed up, please send an email to, with your address details, requesting access to the residents’ portal. We will send you the login details for your personal access.

If you wish to reduce the amount of your advance payment, please note that you may need to make an additional payment at the end of the next annual statement period. Reducing the amount of your advance payment is possible up to a maximum of 10%.

You may ask us to reduce the amount of your advance payment while your property manager has an agreement in place with us not to reduce any proposed advance payment amounts. In the event of this we will contact you directly.

Has my payment arrived?

If you pay by giro transfer the amount has been debited from your account, you can assume that your payment will be received by us within a few days.
Payment by direct debit is the best way to ensure that your monthly advance payment is always received on time.

Can I also pay by direct debit?

Yes. You can do this by completing the authorisation form and sending it to us. The address can be found on the form. The form can be sent by freepost.

Authorisation form

You can also easily provide us with authorisation to make direct debits via the residents’ portal. If you have not yet signed up, please send an email to, with your address details, requesting access to the residents’ portal. We will send you the login details for your personal access.

Where can I view my data?

You can view and print your data, such as your invoices and bills, via the residents’ portal. If you have already registered for this, you can log in with your email address and your own password via the following link:

If you would like to register for the residents’ portal, send an email to Please include your name, address and your customer number if known. This customer number can be found on all correspondence with ista Nederland. You will receive an email from us with instructions on how to register.

I do not receive advance invoices for my heating costs, while I have been living at this address for more than 1 month. How can I make sure I'm registered?

Housing associations and managers send us the removals in their buildings, so that we can arrange the advance invoices for the new tenants.

For example, if you rent in the free sector and you are dealing with an owner, the owner must notify us of your move. As a tenant, you cannot register with ista. In this case, you can send ista the owner's information. ista will then contact the owner. Of course you can also ask the owner to contact the Debicasso department.

How are the paid advance amounts settled?

We calculate any amount due for repayment or still outstanding based on your annual statement and your paid monthly advance amounts. These amounts will also be settled by ista Nederland. This means that you will either receive a repayment from us or pay us the amount outstanding.

I've received a reminder from you, but I've already paid. Why is this?

If you have already paid and you think we have erroneously sent you a reminder, please contact us. We will check if the payment and the reminder have inadvertently crossed or if there is some other issue. To ensure you never miss a payment, you can always opt for direct debit.

When will I receive my annual statement?

The following information is required to draw up your annual statement.
 - The participant’s data (provided by ista Nederland)
 - The meter readings (ista Nederland reads these on a weekly basis)
 - The energy company's invoice

When all data is complete, we first ask your administrator for an agreement. If your administrator has given his agreement, we will take care of the cost allocation for your residential complex and for each resident the annual statement within 6 weeks.


I am due a repayment. When will I receive this in my account?

Any repayment will be transferred to your account within two weeks provided ista Nederland has your account number. If we do not have your account number or you want to change it, please send an email to


How can I change my bank account number?

If you wish to change your bank account number, please send us an email with the amended details to You will receive a confirmation.

You can also easily change your bank account number and details yourself via the residents’ portal. If you have not yet signed up, please send an email to, with your address details, requesting access to the residents’ portal. We will send you the login details for your personal access.

I'm moving out. When will I receive my bill?

The timing of your bill will depend on the agreements your property manager has in place with us. In many cases you will receive an interim bill based on an interim meter reading. Your property manager can inform you of how your energy and/or service costs will be offset against any advance payment.

I'm moving out. Should I take any action?

If radio-readable meters are placed in your home, you do not have to do anything. ista Nederland always has daily stands and can therefore make a correct settlement, both for the departing and the new resident.

If you do not have radio-readable meters yet, you should have an interim registration carried out in time when moving out. In this way, both the departing resident and the new resident are assured of a correct settlement. Your administrator can inform you how this will be arranged.

Are you going to sell or buy a property where ista Nederland provides the Debicasso service? Please fill in the mutation form below and send the form to ista, Department of Debicasso. The address details are on the form. In this way we can process your move in on time in our administration.  

Mutation form


Can I get a payment arrangement?

Yes, it is possible to agree a payment arrangement with us. You can do this by sending an e-mail to with a proposal you want. We will contact you as soon as possible.  The easiest way to apply for a payment arrangement is to contact us by phone on 010 245 58 54.

Reporting a death

Reporting a death? We are sorry for the unfortunate circumstances.

We understand that you will have plenty on your mind already, therefore we are keen to lighten your load as far as possible during this difficult period.

Would you like to notify us of a name change?
Do you want to cancel the contract?
Will the partner or another survivor continue to live in the home?

Please let us have the details and we will update our administration. You will also receive a confirmation email to inform you of the current situation. You must of course also inform your property manager of the changes.

Do you have access to the ista residents’ portal? We can arrange this for you if you wish.

We wish you every strength at this difficult time.