What we do

On behalf of the property manager, we create annual bills for the residents and set off the costs for energy use against the monthly advance payments.

This involves ista metering and recording the individual heat, water and/or energy use of all the complex’s residents on behalf of the property manager. The property manager provides us with data on the costs incurred and/or the gigajoule rates, as well as the necessary information regarding the residents, which includes processing rehousing and advance payment details etc. Taking all of this data together, ista produces an individual bill for each resident.

What exactly do we meter

The heating system in your home is connected to a collective energy installation. To meter your individual heat consumption, ista uses precision measuring equipment which is read remotely by radio. This ensures that you receive an accurate bill.

We read various levels of use:

  • heat
  • hot and cold water
  • gas
  • electricity

Would you like to know more about our measuring systems? Check out the brochures.


ista is not an energy company

Some people think that ista is an energy company, however this is not the case. We provide our services to organisations such as housing corporations, owners association managers, commercial property managers, private owners associations, administrators and installers.

On their behalf, we supply and install the meters and record the individual use. We create an individual bill for each of the separate households. This bill is based on a combination of the following; the actual energy used, the necessary information regarding the residents, the tariffs provided by the property manager and the complex’s total costs to be allocated.