Solutions for more energy savings

Metering individual use is carefully calculated, as only then can the heat and/or water costs of a complex be fairly allocated. Insight into your use will also lead to greater awareness and a change in attitude towards heating. ista takes care of consumption-indicative billing for you, and can offer a clear insight of use on a weekly basis, enabling you to be even more aware of your energy and water consumption. This leads to even more energy savings and for this reason energy consumption metering has been made mandatory in Europe. Good for the environment as well as your wallet!

Savings tips

The benefits of consumption-indicative billing via ista 

  • Accurate recording of your usage
  • Bills in accordance with the statutory standards as set out in the Heat law
  • Expert advice and processing of questions about your energy bill by our own customer service team

The Heat law

You have probably heard of it: the Heat law. The law was enacted in 2014; this is a complex piece of legislation addressing the manifold interests of the various parties. Simply put: since 2014 it is legally required to meter energy consumption at the individual household level in complexes with a common energy supply. Whereas previously all costs were simply divided equally among all residents, now the actual costs incurred per dwelling are passed on.

This is a much fairer approach, as why should an energy-efficient resident be required to support a resident in the same complex who runs the heating 24/7 at 24 degrees Celsius? Now you pay for what you use, however the costs for the common energy use are borne by all residents.


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