Smoke detectors do not prevent fire, but only warn in the event of smoke

Reliable protection with the fumonic smoke detector

Unfortunately, a fire cannot always be prevented. It is therefore important that you are warned in time to enable you to act appropriately in such a situation.

The main purpose of a smoke detector is to offer protection with an early warning, so you and your household members can quickly escape in the event of a (starting) fire. With the fumonic smoke detector, you are well protected. The smoke detector warns you of smoke. This is especially important at night, as your sense of smell is "turned off" when you sleep.

Monthly functional check of the fumonic

A smoke detector must work properly at all times. That is why the fumonic is checked every month. Because the fumonic is equipped with a radio module, the smoke detector is checked monthly via radio readout. You won't notice this at all. Because this check is done remotely, no one needs to be at home. And you have the reassurance your smoke detector will be regularly checked for correct operation.

The following functions of your smoke detectors are checked monthly via the radio network.

◼ Battery capacity

◼ Blockage and dirt in the smoke detector

◼ Mounting status of the smoke detector

◼ Alarm function test

Tested safety

The fumonic smoke detector complies with European standards and guidelines, is VDS tested and comes with the Q-label quality mark, allowing for the best possible results and safety to be achieved. The fumonic has a built-in battery with a lifespan of 10 years.